It’s kind of like improv, but on paper.

This is a work of collaborative fiction, the two authors being myself and my 11-year-old daughter. She chose the title and will start it off with the Prologue. And then we take turns writing the next chapter. This is the method that Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel used to write Lunatics. It’s kind of like improv, but on paper.

The rule is that each of us can write whatever we want, as long as it’s consistent with what has been written so far. We don’t discuss any sort of outline or plan ahead. All we see is what’s been submitted when it’s submitted. The result is that neither of us has any idea how the story will end, or even what happens next after we submit a chapter.

Oh, the other rule here is that the protagonist is Agent Jakie. Jakie is pictured above. He’s a stuffed little nut brown hare (from Guess How Much I Love You) that somehow found employment as a secret agent, despite being underaged, an animal, and made of fabric and stuffing (Just go with it.)

So hold on to your rabbit ears, and get ready for Agent Jakie in…

The New Recruit


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