The little hare was in his room, pacing back and forth and back and forth. He had debated the situation a gazillion times, and he still couldn’t come to a decision. Agent Jakie, a proud member of the CIA was thinking of retiring. He wanted a rest, a change of scenery, but he didn’t want to abandon his friends in the agency. Jakie heard 3 short knocks at the door, which was ‘S’ in morse code.

Sierra, he thought. He quickly went to unlatch the five locks on his front door.

“Jakie, is it true? Are you going to retire?” She bombed him with questions. Sierra was Jakie’s best friend and partner. Before he had discovered her real name, he had referred to her as the woman in the Boston Celtics cap, which she always wore, as it was her, signature look. Agent Jakie heard the upset, disappointed tone in her voice, and decided, that he just couldn’t leave her.

“No,” he said. “I’m staying!”

“Oh thank god! I was so scared we would never see each other again!” Sierra hugged, well, squeezed, the little hare. Jakie grinned.

Author: creativexcupcake

Hi fellow unicorns! I luv u all and hope that u mortals out there will unleash your inner unicorn powers!

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