Chapter 2. The Recruit is…

Jakie and Sierra were driving home and the anticipation was biting. It didn’t help that his ear was still red and throbbing rapidly.

“Will the piercing be here forever?” Jakie asked, as he yanked at the little black stud.
“If you take out the earring the hole should completely close in about a month.” Sierra replied.
“A month!? You can’t be serious!” Jakie slumped in the backseat.
“Can you at least tell me who the recruit is? Pleeease?” He pleaded.
“Umm, sorry, but I can’t,” She hesitated. “Boss doesn’t want you to know any sooner than you have to.”
“Fluff.” Jakie pouted. “Fluff” was his way of saying “huff.”
The car screeched as it veered into the tight parking stall. Sierra walked briskly into CIA headquarters while Jakie hopped along side her. Sierra led him down a long hallway and each door they passed (there were seven doors), Jakie would go, “Is the recruit in this room?”
There was a fork and Jakie was led to the left. Sierra stopped on the first door.
“This is it.”
Jakie exhaled loudly. His furry paw gripped the knob and he stepped inside. They dodged interns running around yelling, “I have the Starbucks vanilla bean frap!” And rookie agents lifting weights and running laps around the perimeter of the room. They ducked as the people on break threw a steaming hot potato in the air back and forth. They kept walking to the end of the large room until finally Jakie came to an abrupt stop. There was a little hare sitting in front of them, who had a close resemblance to Jakie. She wore pigtails secured with bright turquoise hairbands and seemed very intrigued in the thick book she was reading. She had a pencil stuck on her ear and her chin rested in her small paw.
The little girl hare looked up.
“Jakie!!!!!” She squealed. Jackie ran up to her brother and squeezed him into a cobra death hug. A million thoughts were banging at Jakie’s little head. He was happy and all but his little sister Jackie was clingy, and could be very annoying. Also, he was sad that he no longer held the title of the only hare in the CIA. Then he noticed Sierra standing awkwardly on the side, fidgeting with her thumbs, and biting her lip so hard it might have fallen off.
“So, umm, Jackie, I think your break is over. Why don’t you do a timed mile with Jacob?” She motioned to the grinning trainer with a clipboard and stopwatch.
“Oh, I finished all my training already,” Jackie said casually. “Now I can hang out with Jakie!” She squealed and clapped her paws.
“Yay..” Jakie said unenthusiastically.

Author: creativexcupcake

Hi fellow unicorns! I luv u all and hope that u mortals out there will unleash your inner unicorn powers!

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