Chapter 4. The Crater Case

“Awe please! Not Pierce!” Jakie begged his boss, hoping to escape another battle with his least favorite villainous outlaw. Jackie just sat quietly next to him and dangled her legs, which Jakie thought quite unusual since most of the time Jackie was a real drama-hare. He rolled his eyes.

“Agents. Don’t. Give. Attitude.” The boss spoke in a low, raspy voice. Apparently he noticed Jakie’s eye rolling session. Oops.
“Boss? Can Jakie and I pleeease work on the Crater Case? No other agent has succeeded, and I plan to be first. But I’ll let Jakie in on the title.” She smiled as if she was being generous.
Jakie groaned to himself. The Crater case was literally a death sentence, and the easiest way for the boss to get rid of annoying agents.
“Boss? Why don’t you tell Jackie what happened when Agent D was working on the case?” Said Jakie.
“Ooh! Story! Tell me!”
“Well, you see…” The Boss began.

Author: creativexcupcake

Hi fellow unicorns! I luv u all and hope that u mortals out there will unleash your inner unicorn powers!

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